You arguably can increase your sales and generate very good revenue through social media marketing, if you keep in mind some important things. Social media is a platform where you can reach your potential customers very easily. You can earn trust, value, and respect for your business in social media sphere. Once you get success to earn these, you will definitely win the game and will beat your competitors.

1.Timing:- Your timing should be perfect for posting content. If you running a local business then you should post content on a specific time when you’re mostly customers can see your post and would able to contact with you.
2.Engagement:- Success in social media also depend on your engagement. If you not so active o n social media people will start to forget you after some time. You have to try post regularly. You should reply to every single query which is made on your page or posts.
3.Community:- You have to start a discussion in groups which are related to your business. You can post solutions, tips or information in the groups, it would help to improve your presence on social media and also attract the new customers. You can start your own group and add your current customers, the people who are able to be your future customers.
4.Content:- Content is a king in every form of internet marketing. It doesn’t matter which form you are using blogging, forums, social media etc.. Always try to post unique and attractive content. Post some tips and information don’t always try to promote your business otherwise, people will start considering you as a spammer. Write unique, effective, and real content.
5.Tagging:- You can post the information about your successfully completed projects and don’t forget to tag the customer. Tagging will increase the area of your content visibility.
6.Paid Campaign;-if you want to boost your social media page or website instantly then, you can use paid campaign. Which allows you reach thousands of people in a day. For this, you have set your budget and audience. They both are a major factor in social media marketing so do some home work before starting any paid campaign otherwise, you will get lost. You have to analyze your competitors and have to deeply analysis their activities on social media. Create your own strategy to beat your competitors.
I hope above-mentioned things will help you to get good ROI from social media.