Raise your hand if you don’t want beautiful skin? I know, I am asking a very silly question, because everyone wants beautiful skin without any marks, aging, and wrinkles. If you don’t start taking care of your skin now, you might end up taking care of it too late.
Start early asap even start it now!
Most people have a misconception that they should start focusing on the anti aging skin in their thirties or forties age. That opinion is totally wrong! As soon as you start taking care of your skin that would be good! Whatever you do at a young age will ultimately affect you in old age so taking care of your skin as early as possible will ensure that you still have something to boast of even when you’re already a grandmother.
Sun Exposure – People who always want be under sunlight, beware! Too much exposure to sunlight, and consequently harmful UV rays, are more likely to suffer from the bad skin in old age than other people. It’s okay to sun bathe once in a while, but don’t make a habit out of it.
Exercise – This will only ensure that your skin is healthy and toned, with no excess flesh on your arms, tummy, and legs. Exercise, however, doesn’t have the power of changing your skin structure. That, unfortunately, is your parents’ fault.
Cosmetics – Wearing too much makeup on your face might clog up skin pores, causing pimples, and later on scarring. The latter will contribute in making you older than you look so try to tone down on the makeup and use it only during important occasions.
Menopause – Be aware that the menopausal stage in a woman’s life can not only change the person’s attitude but her skin type as well.
Pour It On! – We all know that drinking water, at least 8 glasses a day, is generally good for the body. What only a few of us are aware is that our skin needs more water than that; more particularly, it will have better-looking skin if you moisturize it daily as well.
Sleep – When you sleep too little or too late, you’ll end up ruining your complexion and sport raccoon-like eyes. Do you want this? Of course not! That’s why you need to change your lifestyle and habit. If you don’t want people to think you’re thirty when you’re only twenty, the first thing you should do is regulate sleeping hours.