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  • Earn 50% of all our Premium Coaches
  • In-house Social Media Management Services
  • All Advanced Software Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Personal/Business/eComm Website of your choice
  • Manage Social Messaging Platforms

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Benefits of our Partners

12 Super reasons why you must join us

Benefit # 1

We will manage and provide you with your Personal/Business/eComm YouTube Channel

Benefit # 2

We provide you with in-house Social Media Management Services from our ATeam Set up of your personal profile, logo & cover photos


  • Helps to likes, love your friends post
  • Handle comments, shares, tagging your interest and friends
  • Handle engagements with your friends or customers enquiries and orders


  • Post motivational posters with links to your affiliated website
  • Handle engagements with your followers and customers
  • Build and Develop #Hastages

Benefit # 3

You will provide with all the Advanced Software Tools

  • We will help our partners to grow their networks, follow up on their leads to join our Purtier programs, leverage on our Partner Gets Partner program.
  • Generate traffic for your website

Benefit # 4

We will provide you with our Marketing Automation Tools

Benefit # 5

We will manage and provide you with a Personal/Business/eComm Websiteof your choice

Multilingual Website

It can be a multilingual website to target a regional and cultural markets like China, Hong Kong. It helps to cross-sell your products to different markets and sectors of customers.

Premium YouTube Channels

You have choices of selected Premium YouTube channels website with your very own Membership subscribers where you can promote your products and services.

Marketing Websites

SEO Top Trending Curated Content Marketing websites such as Photography, Video Tube, Online Marketing, Business, Financial, Self-Help, etc with affiliate links to eCommerce products to generate extra income.

News Websites

News websites with different categories of specialty news; men magazine, women magazine, editorial, sports, beauty, wellness, fashion, technology, dating, entertainment, trending etc.

Marketing Materials

Our Ateam will refresh and develop new contents marketing materials for your website; SEO and optimise your site.

Marketing websites

e.Our Ateam will regularly SEO your website; generate guest posts which connect backlinks from all the relevant high authority sites DA30+ and above to your website.

CRM Marketing

Automate your CRM marketing system and bring in the orders.

Benefit # 6

We will manage and provide you with your Personal/Business/eComm YouTube Channel

  • Content generation for your channel
  • Links and cookies are valid up to 180 days.

Benefit # 7

Social Messaging Platforms

We will setup and manage Social Messaging Platformssuch as WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Viber, KakaoTalk instant messaging channels. Targeting new customers, curating contents and broadcasting messages across every corner of the globe. We can target all Chinese WeChat users in different parts of China and every part of the World as well.

Benefit # 8

We will design and develop a Personal Branding to go with your Business Goals.

Benefit # 9

eCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Shopify Store

  • We will build and help you manage a Customised eCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Shopify Store of your choice and select from our ever growing list of Trending and Proven Hot Selling Products from China and the rest of the World. >> expected monthly income $12,000 to $18,000 
  • We can even run a Google Smart Shopping/FB Targeted Audience Marketing Campaign for you and track results. Get your customer to emotionally impulse buy from your shop. Get you a customised unique Shop Logo design and do content writing for your store complete with prepared email follow-up sequences for different customer segmentations.
  • We have a English/Chinese speaking team in Singapore to resolve any customer service issues
  • Your eStore will have unique features of price comparisons, customer product reviews, price drop notifications to your clients, and many other features. You will have profit margins from 50% to 200% and even more with the right suppliers.
  • Dropping Shipping in Untapped Markets using Multi-Language eStores. Less competition due to the language barrier.

Benefit # 10

We will built for you a Highly Converting Customised  Mobile App to engage more customers and grow sales. >> values at $10,000

  • Push notifications are better than emails - bigger engagement than emails
  • Mobile apps are more engaging - people browse more products on mobile app than on mobile website
  • Increase conversion rate - mobile apps have higher conversion rate on mobile than mobile websites

Benefit # 11

We will build and help you manage a Very Profitable White Label eCommerce Store using Amazon FBA ofproducts direct from reputable manufacturers  

 >> expected monthly income of $30,000 to $50,000

We work directly with direct manufactures in China and around the World to source for the best quality and competitive products for your eComm store. We cut out the middlemen and maximise your profit margins. How to consistently win the Amazon Buy Box where is responsible for over 90% of Amazon’s product page sales. You will get personal coaching from our Ateam.

Benefit # 12

We will build and help you manage a Highly Profitable OEM eComm Store using our Warehouse Fulfillment Centre in China.

>> expected monthly income of $50,000 to $100,000 

Instead of paying expensive fulfillment cost to Amazon, we can do the stocking, barcoding, customized packaging and shipping your orders directly to your customers from any part of the world. Our fulfillment centre is able to provide value added services, personalized services and customer support to all your customers. This is the most effective solution to a highly profitable business niche in this eCommerce Industry. We are able to leverage our resources for the benefit of all our partners in order to maximize this amazing business opportunity.

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